Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sunburn on Sunday

Yep, I got a sunburn on my second day in Mexico. And all I did was go for a walk and read my book a little outside… it was less than an hour. I would be sad about my pathetically transparent skin, but the fact that it was even possible to get sunburned—and so quickly—is amazing. I mean, it was going to happen, so better to get it over with, and now I will start wearing sunscreen. So yes, even sunburns are great in Mexico.

Another great thing about Mexico so far is the fruit. Papaya, pineapple, mango…it’s so sweet and so good!

So far Puebla seems like an ok place. It’s pretty big and urban and reminds me of a lot of places in Europe. There’s a lot to do which is nice, and it isn’t too dirty. Well, I mean it’s a city, so it isn’t clean exactly, but it isn’t too bad.

School is great! We're just studying Latin America and its politics, history, economies, etc. and it is so interesting! It is kind of hard to jump right into school, but I guess it really isn't too bad. I have so much free time here now that I'm not working 30 hours a week, it's crazy.

So, as soon as I get around to learning Spanish life will be just about perfect.

Oh, and we have a week off of school the week after next and I am going with a couple of people to Huatulco which is a town of just a bunch of beaches on the west coast and then to Mexico city. I can't wait!

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