Friday, April 3, 2009

School and Food

That’s been the pattern of my life this week. The week started with a 50 minute presentation I had to give in Spanish, ah! Then we had such a big test today, I was really scared. I guess technically it was our midterm because we do one class at a time in 3 weeks each. It’s crazy. Hopefully I did alright on it… it was really hard and test taking in Spanish when it isn’t a Spanish grammar test is a whole new monster in my life.

As for food, unfortunately I ate both mcdonalds and kfc this week. Actually I have never eaten chicken from kfc before in my life, but my mamá brought it home for lunch yesterday, and it was pretty good, haha. As for the mcdonalds, well I really can’t defend that. My roommate and I went to buy cookies at the grocery store on Wednesday night and the mcdonalds is right across the street and we couldn’t resist the thought of the fries. But I have gotten my fill of good food this week, too. We had some delicious rice that we ate with avocado, I had a traditional poblano sandwich, and we had some great soups. When I think about the number of grilled cheese sandwiches and pasta dinners I ate in my apartment and the meals I skipped running from one thing to another the last two quarters I feel pretty bad about what I was missing out on.

Last weekend we visited some pyramid ruins/the church the Spanish built on top of the pyramid in a nearby city. It was fun and we ate some good tacos and visited some cool shops. I really like the town where the ruins are, it’s called Chalula and it’s a lot smaller and village-y than Puebla. It was a really hot day (well every day is really hot) and there were all of these vendors selling jicama and mango on sticks and juice and stuff. You can get mango with chili powder on it, so good! It’s a really beautiful city and I’m looking forward going back.

Well, that’s about it. Tonight we’re leaving for the beach! I can’t wait. So look forward to some pictures when I get back in a week. And to all you Seattle-people, I’m very sorry that it snowed this week while I was wearing sunscreen, hehe.

<3 Tess

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  1. Tess! It's Natalie. I'm so sorry I didn't say goodbye. I hope Mexico is great so far! You're added to my blog-follow list :)