Friday, May 15, 2009

Oaxaca Part 1

I arrived in Oaxaca last night, a city that has been talked up like crazy by everyone I´ve asked about it. Anyway, it seems to be living up to its rep so far.

Tourism is really low right now because of the flu so there are less organized activities through hotels and hostels. I think it´s a good thing though because it´s forcing me to figure out how to get places on my own. Today I went to some huge ruins that were really impressive and not too badly destroyed. I met an australian girl on the bus there and walked around it with her. We went inside a tomb and I scratched my back really bad getting out of it which made me very superstitious (actually we were pretty scared before that if I´m honest). Anyway, it was fun and I got a terrible sunburn. What was I thinking?! My tissue paper skin really failed me and now I have a bright red nose and bright red shoulders. Lame. Oh well.

After the ruins I went to the contemporary art museum of Oaxaca which was pretty cool. I think I was art starved because I was instantly in an excellent mood when I got there. It had a big collection and a cool mixture of oaxacan, mexican, and international contemporary art. I really enjoy when museums showcase local artists and their collection was pretty cool. I did not like how a lot of it was hung though; they should employ a new curator.

I ate at such a cool cafe this afternoon where I had a delicious vegetarian sandwhich and a banana smoothie. I kind of felt like I was in a Seattle cafe but with better avacado. Luckily the food energized me for the Oaxaca center of photography. It was so cool! It´s a pretty small place with only 6 or so rooms of photographs, but I actually kind of like small exhibits. The stuff that is up right now is really awesome and I´m thinking about going back before I leave.

Well, I think I am going to head off to another museum and probably scope out some more delicious food.

My skin hurts so bad!

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