Sunday, May 17, 2009

Oaxaca Part 3

I am back in Puebla having successfully survived my Oaxaca adventure.

Last night it poured with rain so I stayed in and watched "Che" with two english girls also staying at my hostel. It was cool to see it since we just finished studying the Cuban revolution in my Latin American politics and history class. As a movie I think it could have been done better, but I liked it.

Today I didn't do too much. I walked around and bought a couple of souvenirs. I also went to this nice little park where there was this public collective dance/exercise class thing. It was funny and led by this guy wearing super tight lycra pants and a matching tank top.

I went back to the banana smoothie place, too. So good! There was a couple from San Francisco and a woman from Texas there and I talked to them a little. They were all really nice even though two of them were wearing Keens (ew).

When I got home I also found out that we got wireless in our house over the weekend. No more sitting on the curb! As Regina said, we now never have to leave our room again, haha.

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