Saturday, May 16, 2009

Oaxaca Part 2

Today I thought of this Salvadoran guy who Destiny and I met in Chacaua who accidently called Oaxaca ¨Oacaca¨ and I laughed to myself. Just a little funny moment from my day.

Anyway, Oaxaca has continued to be excellent. Last night I hung out with this German guy I met at my hostel and we spoke three languages at the same time! It was cool because usually when I speak German now it hurts my brain and I say spanish words on accident, but it didn´t matter yesterday because that was kind of the point. Anyway, we had fun and talked about a lot of interesting things from our travels.

Today I went on a tour of the ethnobotanical garden which was sweet. It´s huge and beautiful and my tour guide was really cool and nice. It´s kind of sad how my perception of Puebla as the unfriendliest place in Mexico gets reverified every time I leave.

After the garden I went to this place called Hierva de Agua and it was quite the adventure. I had to walk really far to the second class bus station which was the sketchiest place on earth! And the bus was so rickety and funny. I took the bus from there to Mitla which took about an hour, and then I had to take a little truck through the mountains to Hierva de Agua. The truck driver was really nice and he stopped on the way to buy me a popsicle! It was my first ever papaya flavored popsicle, too and it was delicious. The mountains are beautiful and Hierva de Agua is tucked away in them. It is this natural bubbling mineral springs that form these mineral deposit waterfalls and you can swim in them. It was really cool and the truck driver showed me the way to hike all around them. The only dissapointment was that it started pouring with rain and I couldn´t go swimming. I didn´t have a real swimming suit anyway, though so it was fine.

When I got back to Oaxaca it was dry but on my way back to my hostel it started pouring again! I started talking with this guy on the street, though and we decided to go in a coffee shop to wait for it to calm down. It turns out he was waiting for is friend who is an american girl and they and some of their other friends are a part of this program where english and spanish speakers get together to teach each other the languages. They invited me out with them tonight, but it is still raining so I don´t think I´ll go.

Tomorrow it´s back to Puebla :(

Amazing pictures to come...!

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