Monday, April 13, 2009

Rock Face Man

In the Ocean!

On Playa La India

Playa La India, we had the whole beach to ourselves and it had the whitest sand and the bluest most amazing water. We went snorkeling here!

The beach where they filmed part of Y Tu Mama cool! You can't swim there though because it's where two currents meet or something

Me and my destino, I love you girl!

Us on the boat...I would make the obvious on a boat joke, but Rachel did it on her blog so I won't copy her ;)

The boat ride to Playa La India

Playa La Entrega, a great beach with awesome seafood and an awesome ocean

In the bus on the way to Huatulco at sunrise, this was sunrise number 1 of 3 on the trip, but somehow I didn't really manage to photograph any of them.

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