Monday, April 13, 2009

View of the lagoon from the lighthouse on the hill.

Sunset, since I didn’t photograph any of the sunrises it was good to get this. This day I got to see the sunrise and the sunset, amazing.

View from the top of the light house on top of the hill.

The best mango of my life before I ate it.

The best mango of my life and a really awesome outfit.

Te best meal of my life.


Me sitting inside the mangrove tree and some dudes feet.

We sat inside a mangrove tree! Those are some crabs.

A break

Destiny by the sea

On the way to the ocean at the other side of the lagoon, the general, Raoul, y Destiny

View from an island we stopped at.

The general lent me this sombrero to protect me from the sun which I think had a hand in making me sick the day before.

Our nice friend from Mexico City took this of us. Shortly after this picture was taken I got the sickest I’ve ever been in my life. I recovered in a hammock though, so life soon returned to wonderful.

Birds in the mangroves.

There were millions of birds because they migrate from Canada and Alaska in the winter.

Coconut straight from the tree!

Lancha trip through the lagoon


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