Monday, April 13, 2009

Destiny on our first boat trip through the mangroves with the general

Chacaua, still in the truck

On the way to Chacaua, view from the truck

Me in the back of the truck

A picture of Destiny looking bad ass in the back of the truck

Back of truck number two after a quick boat ride on the way to Chacaua, these chickens are probably not still alive

Destino y Yo

Back of the truck, this was the first back of the truck we rode in on the way to Checaua

This was our view in the morning in Puerto, it kind of made up for the mosquitos

Where Destiny and I slept in Puerto Escondido en route to Chacaua, the mosquitos ate us alive

The Cacao plant, not good until its made into chocolate, Bryan is about to find that out

Vanilla moustache


Destiny and the cutest kid ever... he cried when I tried to take a picture with him, sad

Me and my Destino again

At the waterfalls

The waterfall, I swung on a rope swing over this, so fun!

Destiny, Kendehl, and me in the center of town one night

Bryan and Me at Playa Santa Cruz...he says that's his fake smile.

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